Sportnex is the German company taking care about Bundesliga clubs websites and supporting the activities in the Internet. The company also maintains an auction web page offering original souvenirs to football fans. Such as T-shirts, albums, books, photos, gadgets and many more - if you love football, all of them can be yours, if you love football!.

The challenge was to redesign and build a new selling platform based on Magento. The idea of the website is based on the auction model, more over we were asked to integrate it with the existing desktop auction management system and supply management system.







Services served:

Web Design, Front-end Development, Coding


After a kick off and discussions with the Client, we started the mockuping and graphic design stage. At the same time functional macquetes were created. As a result, we created a fully personalized Magento platform that makes the auction system totally automatized.











Only in September 2013 the company achieved profit equal to the profil for the whole 2012. The platform serves full tracking system and personalized sendings.

The most expensive product sold on the platform Mike Hanke jersey, worn in game against Bayern Munich – 6667EUR the most popular football player


There were two major challenges in this project – first – to relaunch new system with all current auctions and bids being online and two – testing routines. We cannot have test scenario with bidding on a product because it would affect real-world environment. System has grown over last 4 years, we have more clubs, more products and customers. More clubs are interested in integrating auctions on their sites, so we are currently working on API solutions to allow this solution. There are also requests from other countries to have dedicated platforms for their clubs, so we used multistore solution to easily create new platforms and adjust them easily.

Under the hood

Project is hosted on optimized nginx webserver, using loadbalancer and two webnodes. We’ve also added Varnish cache – which was a challenge in project which is more dynamical than other e-commerce solutions. We had to make sure, that even cached content provides up to date information about current bids, prices and auctions.


For testing routines and processes – we had to keep balance between level of accurateness and separating real world and test world. We’ve created separated testsystem which automatically downloads latest auctions and bids from livesystem, after that – all customer email addresses and GSM numbers are masked with asterisks – we cannot risk that someone real will get e-mail or text message. When we had working testsystem, we’ve configured automated frontend tests to make sure bidding engine and other parts of the system work as expected.


Over the years, we’ve managed to implement many new features to make platform more attractive to customers, clients and clubs, including new auction types – reserved price, traffic lights system, custom reports, shared accounts. We’ve created tools to integrated auctions on 3rd party websites using iframe or API solutions. Currently, we are working on creating new platforms quicker with minimum coding required. One of the next features is also possibility to change currency in which you pay for final order. Sometimes people buy articles from Arsenal platform and german Bundesliga platform.