CEWE is the largest company in Europe dedicated to finishing photographs. In operation since 1961 and employs more than 3000 employees. One of the company's activities is to carry CEWE photo contests for amateurs. In this area there our task. CEWE asked us to create a mobile application that allows you to view, rating, commenting, as well as submit their photos in one place.

So far, every contest to appear on a separate page and CAN NOT had to have a preview, not all at once. An additional objective was to enable application users to edit photos to be added and applying preset filters. The customer wanted on an application that will be intuitive, elegant and modern, that is all that important to us, not to mention high-quality solutions.






iOS, Android

We made:

Graphic design, UX design, coding


We transformed different kind of web applications into one, so that users can easily use it on own mobile device. Thanks to our solution, it is easy and fun to view photos from various contests. It is definitely to the users liking.

Providing an application for CEWE, we have created facilities - common to all contests, which send data to mobile applications. We designed a process, which takes into the consideration all of the functions expected by the customer, maintaining full coherence with its logo.

With created an application, which sends updates a user every new contest and by that, gives the opportunity to join a contest from any place in the world. Users can comment, rate and view photos of other users and also take inspiration from them.

The best part is that the solution is focused on user comfort. Using the solution is intuitive, so you can reap pleasure to give her all the features.


While working on graphic design for applications CEWE, our goal was to combine the visual attractiveness in terms of maintaining the existing visual identity (corporate identity) and best functionality. We solved this by providing users with easy access to all contests, as well as the simple and intuitive interface. The application itself is energetic in its colors and fully adapted to the logotype CEWE.




Android operating system drives 78% of smartphones and mobile devices around the world. With such a large user base of this system, the Android platform is an obvious choice in the development of modern mobile application. We choose Android not only with common sense but also with passion.



The most mature platform for mobile devices inteligentych. It is the main rival Android and despite its market advantage, does not lose its popularity among small and large companies. IOS platform achieves significant market advantage in many regions of the world and has not encountered loyalty iPhones and iPads users.

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